The MiniMe language is a stripped down language trying to test a few weird concepts (see goals). Eventually, if these concepts work, it would be theoretically possible to implement a fuller, more efficient and robust language. In case this happens, it would be nice if the original MiniMe source syntax could be ported relatively easily to the final language.

The MiniMe language is being developed from the bottom up. At this point in time, I have no idea what the final syntax will look like (this is, currently, the least of my worries).

The compilation and running of a MiniMe function will involve the following steps (or layers):

  1. convert pretty textual source syntax into a lisp-like vector source format
  2. compile vector source format into lisp-like vector assembler format
  3. assemble vector assembler format into bytecodes
  4. to run the function, interpret the bytecodes
  5. which act on the fundamental built-in data types

The first two steps would be done by functions written in MiniMe. The last three steps are done by C++ functions.

At this point in time (Dec 31, 2002), the last three steps are coded and have been tested once over lightly. The second step has hardly begun. The first step still seems miles away...

My theory is that using MiniMe to implement the first two steps will be a good test of the language. Logo